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The International Design Awards winners showcased in the 2013 “International Design” issue of HOW represent a broad range of trends and styles; some distinctive to a project’s native country.

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They helped encouraged me to get expressive with my use of type, spacing, and texture.

Graphic Design Websites

Graphic designers work with both text and images.

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Throughout their careers, graphic designers often fend for themselves.

Graphic Design Resume

Both short and long term programs most often offer a work placement into a related business/studio during or after your studies. This is very important for gaining experience which is often required for landing your first job. Some students get lucky, and get hired from the place they are doing their work practicum. Other students might even get hired before they even finish their program. Often schools will have good relationships with the industry in their area, and keep these businesses informed about their students. Sometimes schools will mention the businesses that they keep in contact with.

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The "Advices" were what we know today as want ad media or advice columns.

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